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The need for a new impulse within the education sector that will inspire the next generation with the skills, passion, confidence and ability to take the lead in organizations, society, in their local communities and their own lives is a must needed and valuable tools for sustainable development. Our Mentorship program is aim at equipping, empowering and raising a Genderation of boys (Boys2Men) and girls (Girls2Women) with good moral values and life’s skills to engage the present world challenges.

The Problem

The number of children and youths growing up without fathers or/and mother role model figures in their lives has reached epidemic proportions. High rates of negligence in the part of parent as well divorce, death of one or both parents and out-of-wedlock births have created a generation of parentless children.

The Consequences

- Corruption amongst the youth

- High rates of school drop out

- High rate of displaced anger

- Increase in gang memberships and cults

- Increase in the cases of drug abuses amongst the youth

The Hope

In SHF, we provide practical mentorship opportunities to children and youths in the following areas:

- BoysToMen and GirlsToWomen Mentorship Program Read More....

- Life Skills (Personal and Career Development) Read More....

- Mental Empowerment Read More....