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Community Development & Engagement

Community Engagement and Development

Community engagement is increasingly acknowledged as a valuable process, not only for ensuring communities can participate in decisions that affect them and at a level that meets their expectations, but also to strengthen and enhance the relationship between communities and governments. Essentially the concept is about public participation that facilitates engaging people in decision making at a local level.

Levels of Engagment

– Inform, Consult, Involve, Collaborate

Inform – One way communication providing balanced and objective information to assist understanding about something that is going to happen or has happened.

Consult – Two way communications designed to obtain public feedback about ideas on rationale, alternatives and proposals to inform decision making.

Involve – Participatory process designed to help identify issues and views to ensure that concerns and aspirations are understood and considered prior to decision making.

Collaborate – Working together to develop understanding of all issues and interests to work out alternatives and identify preferred solutions.