In-Depth Reports

This section of the website contains longer, and more comprehensive, articles and reports. These reports encompass concepts and events in gross human rights violations.

Urban Child Soldiers - By Rebecca Perez and Clarissa Huguet

The following report from Brazil is a novel perspective on the problem of the involvement of children in systematic urban violence. It argues that, in some senses, these children are not just "gang members" but rather can be considered to be "urban child soldiers."

Silencing Violence - Incitement and the Prevention of Gross Human Rights Violations - By Kjell Anderson

Our first report is an examination of incitement and gross human rights violations. It begins from the proposition that hate speech and incitement contribute to the commission of gross human rights violations. In order to explore the issue, several closely related research questions are examined: 1) What is the relationship between incitement and gross human rights violations?; 2) How have states and the international community responded to the problem of incitement?; and 3) How can the response to incitement be improved, and how might this further the prevention of gross human rights violations?